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Nanyang manage state pharmaceutical co., LTD., affiliated to the nanyang our enterprise group,Production base is located in nanyang wancheng tile shop industrial park,The company was founded in1986Years,The total area67300m2 ,Production of land area46700m2,Green area20000m2。Company existing staff300People,One of them, In the、Senior professional and technical personnel65People,Junior specialized technical personnel110People,Annual output value of enterprises1.2One hundred million yuan。

The company2016In the third through the veterinary drugGMPPharmaceutical workshop、Powder injection workshop、 ShuiZhenJi workshop、 Powder powder / Form a complete set of production lines and quality inspection center premix plant、Research and development center。Company main products are chlorobenzene guanidine hydrochloride materials、Camphor sulfonate、Acetyl sinensis、Bethanechol chloride、Pralidoxime iodide、Dysentery bacteria net、Three nitrogen amidine、Monica, lamictal, etc,Formed with active pharmaceutical ingredients and fine chemicals、Veterinary medicine ShuiZhenJi、Powder injection、Many varieties of product structure on the basis of powder powder, Products meet140Multiple varieties。Product sales not only throughout the domestic market,And exported to Japan、Southeast Asia、Western Europe、South America and other places。According to the group company planning as a whole,Manage state pharmaceutical company's products focus on veterinary medicine preparations、Production、Sales and technical services, On the basis of original products, The rational allocation of resources, Optimize the product structure,Formed by powder powder、Additives、Give priority to dozen of products ShuiZhenJi three series,Powder injection、Granules、Disinfectant to complement the diversification of product structure,Continuously adapt to market changes and the needs of the enterprises to grow,To build a series of efficient、Security、The green animal health products of environmental protection。

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